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DESDM/ DITJEN MIGASDevelop policies Macro distribution and control; Set the volume distribution set a fuel pricing policy.Grant and revoke business licenses Applying administrative sanctionsMESDMMESDM
BPH MIGASConduct regulation and supervision of the supply and distribution of fuel; Establishes the allocation of the volume of fuel; Develop the fuel distribution system.Recommend revocation of license revoke business licenses of commercial fuel distribution areaMESDMPresident through MESDM
POLRILaw EnforcementInvestigation and preparation of the dossier in the framework of the distribution of certain types of fuel.KAPOLRIKAPOLRI
KEJAKSAAN AGUNGFollowing up the results of the investigation of the PoliceCarry out prosecution proceduresJAKSA AGUNGJAKSA AGUNG
TIMDUCoordination of the supervision and control of the impact of rising fuel prices; Coordination of the supervision and control of fuel abuse prevention.Coordination of monitoring and control monitoring in the field to collect the necessary data and information from all agencies and governmentMENKO POLHUKAMMENKO POLHUKAM
BADAN USAHA DIBERI PENUGASAN PSO/ PERTAMINAMenyiapkan saluran distribusi seperti yang ditugaskan oleh BPH Migas. Bertanggung jawab terhadap kelancaran pendistribusian BBM sesuai dengan penugasan.Setting up a distribution channel as assigned by BPH Migas. Responsible for the smooth distribution of fuel in accordance with the assignment.BPH MIGASMESDM
Lembaga Independen non Pemerintah

Coordinate monitoring and supervision by the public to the distribution network.

The dissemination and public education against certain types of fuel.

Facilitate public complaints about the misuse of Specific Fuel Type (subsidies)

Evaluating and communicating the results of monitoring and supervision to stakeholders.Inde-pendenRelevant agencies
PPNS DESDMCarry out enforcement in accordance with Law No. 22/2001Conduct an investigation and the investigation together with the police in the context of the distribution of certain types of fuel.BPH MigasMESDM
DEPERINCarry out development and coaching industries including the use of certain types of fuel.Specifies the type of industry.
Grant and revoke licenses of Business.
Monitor fuel consumption industry
PEMDA KAB/KOTATo supervise the distribution of certain types of fuel in its jurisdiction.Establishing and monitoring the implementation of the HET To supervise the allocation of certain types of fuel distributionBPH MigasMENDAGRI