BPH Migas Received a Working Visit North Sulawesi Provincial Parliament


    manadoJakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) on Tuesday (01/12/2015) the working visit of Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of North Sulawesi Province Vreeke Runtu along with the ranks. The working visit was received by the Director of BBM BPH Migas Hendry Ahmad.

    In his visit, Vreeke Runtu want to get a picture related to the readiness of distribution of fuel oil (BBM) and the gas ahead of the Christmas and New Year. “It’s the people we need to know in order to obtain the certainty of fuel and gas supplies enough so no worries in celebrating Christmas and New Year,” he said.

    Meanwhile North Sulawesi other Assembly Members, Ayub Ali said ahead of Christmas and New Year’s fuel demand in North Sulawesi must have experienced a surge. However, continued Job concern is the speculators who actually uses this opportunity to monopolize or buy the fuel.

    “This is what we are worried about,” he concluded.

    Related to the need of fuel, fuel Director BPH Migas Hendry Ahmad said the current BPH Migas is brewing Tim Post Security of supply of fuel throughout the region to cope with the Christmas and New Year. Later this team will be sent to the affected areas to coordinate with the regional government and Pertamina.

    “So if in the case of operational barriers to the provision, then this team will act so that the distribution of fuel to meet the needs of the Christmas and New Year can run smoothly,” he said.