Dissemination Socialization Fuel Supply and Distribution Rules


palangkarayaPalangkaraya – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Central Kalimantan do Dissemination Dissemination of Legislation Supply and Distribution of Fuel, Thursday (27/11/2015).

As we know, the Government has issued several regulations related to the supply and distribution of fuel, including the Presidential Decree No. 191 On Supply and Distribution and pricing Retail Fuel Oil, Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 4 of 2015 on the Amendment of the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 39 Year 2014 About calculation of retail prices of fuel oil.

In addition, the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas has issued Regulation No. 6 BPH Migas 2015 About the Distribution of Fuel Oil Specific and Special Assignment At the Institute of Regional Distributors What Not There.

“Through this socialization activity I hope to bring a common understanding of the rules – the rules, especially Rule No. 6 of BPH Migas telebih 2015. This regulation was made in order to guarantee the availability and continuity of supply and distribution of fuel type and a Special Assignment tententu throughout the region Unitary Republic of Indonesia, “said Martin Samodra Ritonga.

Added Martin, there are still many remote areas that do not have channeling institutions such as gas stations, APMS and SPDN would be difficult to create the accessibility of fuel at a price that is affordable.

Related to the implementation of socialization dissemination of this legislation, Head of Mining and Energy of Central Kalimantan province Tarin Syahril very welcome and support BPH Migas in order to realize the prosperity and welfare of the people of Central Kalimantan Indonesia in particular and the nation in general.

“I hope that this activity was followed in earnest so that it appears a common understanding of these regulations,” said Syahril.