Indonesia Not Have National Fuel Reserves, This is Ibrahim Hasyim Explanation



Jakarta – In many countries already have a backup fuel oil (BBM) nationwide. Singapore has no energy sources of its fuel reserves endurance up to 90 days, Japan is about 100 days. Indonesia, which pretty much has the energy source only has operational reserves of about 21 days owned Enterprises PT. Pertamina. To reserve a national energy itself is still zero.

So the fundamental problems that led to what today Indonesia is so much to have a source of energy but it is not yet able to have a national fuel reserves, but very important and strategic to support national ketanahan.

Committee on Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Ibrahim Hasyim said there are two major issues that must be resolved so that Indonesia could have a national fuel reserves, namely financing and the ability of stockpiling or storage.

“For the financing, there are three alternatives that must be broken. First, financing entirely by the Government. Secondly, entirely by the private and third mix. All have their pluses and minuses and studies are complete, stay disconnected which one. Secondly, regarding the limited ability to store up,” he said Monday (12/07/2015) in Jakarta.

According to him, the Government’s budget policy should support the provision of oil reserves. If the relevant national capacity needs storage space is limited, it can use the services of a service provider. The service has proved very successful in the world, it would require more seriously to study the success that has been done in other countries.

Seeing the condition of the dynamics of a society that is still dependent on oil, the urgency of their national fuel reserves higher because Indonesia has become a net importer. There are many logictic services providers in the world and among them there are two world-class companies hoarding ever visited, namely Oil Tanking and Vopak engaged in the storage business.

“What are the forms and models of provision of national fuel reserves in Indonesia in the future? That’s what continues to be discussed and not something the decision of the Government,” said Ibrahim steady.