Drs. Sumihar Panjaitan, MM

Drs. Sumihar Panjaitan, MM
Drs. Sumihar Panjaitan, MM (Committee Member)

Drs. Sumihar Panjaitan, MM, born in Medan, North Sumatra, March 19 1955 Before taking office as a CommitteeMember of BPH Migas, the term of office from 2011 to 2015, Financial management graduate at the University ofBhayangkara Jakarta Raya, in 2002 this is the Head of Sub Revenue Ministry and Natural Resources non Oil.During his career as a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance, he received the award 3 times Satyalancana Karya Satya.

Experience in the field of oil and gas, in addition to once the drafting coordinator Balance of payments Oil and Gas,he was also the Chairman of the Technical Working Unit Fuel Economy Financial and Team Member Formulation of Government Regulation No. 67 Year 2002 on the Governing Body Supply and Distribution of Fuel Oil and Business Activity Through Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas.

Here career Drs. Sumihar Panjaitan, MM, before serving as a Committee Member of BPH Migas, the term of office2011-2015:

1985-1988: Head of the Section of Petroleum Evaluation Data, Data Development and Evaluation Sub-Directorate,Directorate of Oil Revenue, Directorate General of Foreign Monetary.

1988-1983: Head of Export and Import of Petroleum, Petroleum Sub Directorate of State, Directorate of Oil andNon-Tax Revenue, DG monetary

1983-1996: Head of Export and import of Oil and Gas Sector, International Petroleum Sub-Directorate, Directorate of Oil and Non-Tax Revenue, Directorate General of Financial Institutions.

1996-2000: Head of the Receiving Section and Calculation of Fuel Costs, Revenue Sub Directorate of Fuel and Geothermal Energy, oil Non-Tax Revenue Directorate, the Directorate General of Financial Institutions.

2000-2004: Head of Sub Revenues for Oil and Geothermal Energy, Directorate of Non-Oil Revenue Tax, Directorate General of Financial Institutions.

2004-2006: Head of Sub-Directorate of the Department of Revenue and Natural Resources Non petroleum andNatural Gas, Directorate of Non Tax Revenue and General Services Agency, Directorate General of Budget andFinancial Considerations.

2006-2011: Head of Sub-Directorate of the Department of Revenue and Natural Resources Non-Oil and Gas, State Income Tax Directorate and the Directorate General of Budget