Minutes of Giving Explanation Document Selection Study Work In Directorate General Gas BPH Migas FY 2012


In connection with the Meeting has been done Giving explanation to the Participant Selection Public procurement consulting services to Gas Directorate BPH Migas FY 2012 for a job:

1. Studies on the Formation of Gas City Region Bulungan, East Kutai, Unggaran and Gresik (Package I); 
2. Studies on the Formation of Gas City Region Duri, Dumai, Langkat and Lubuk Linggau (Package II); 
3. Application of Multi-Rate Studies Transportation of Natural Gas Pipeline Through the Specific Segment (Package III).

Here we attach the Minutes of the General Provision Explanation Document Selection Consultancy services procurement at the Directorate of Natural Gas BPH Migas FY 2012.

Jakarta, 30 April 2012

Committee for Procurement of Goods / Services Non-Physical

At Directorate of Gas

BPH Migas T.A 2012