BPH Migas Committee Accompanied DPR RI Commission VII goes kunker to Lombok


lumbukJAKARTA. Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BPHMigas), Fanshurullah Asa, Monday (14/07/2014) a working visit to Lombok,West Nusa Tenggara. The visit was carried out in order to assist Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives chaired by Ir. DaryatmoMardiyanto.

During a visit along with other Members of the Commission VII, Daryatmo saidworking visit is to absorb the aspirations as well as get information anddevelopments in the area of development. “We also want to know directly the problem and the conditions encountered in the field, particularly according to the tasks and areas of Commission VII, which is the field of energy mineral resources, research and technology and the environment”, he said.

The first working visit of Commission VII RRI meeting with Provincial Governor. NTB, but the meeting was represented by Assistant II West Nusa Tenggara provincial government Aryadi Then Gita. The next day to discussthe particulars of the electrification of the group made ​​a visit to PT PLN (Persero) NTB received directly by the Director of Operations PLN eastern Indonesia, Vicner Sinaga.

Last group visited PT Pertamina (Persero) to discuss issues related to the supply and distribution of fuel and gasand to get an idea about the readiness of infrastructure and development of Pertamina in NTB. As a commoditythat is vital for the community, Daryatmo expect the availability of fuel oil and gas can always be maintained.

“I hope all the problems associated with the supply and distribution of fuel is the responsibility of the Pertaminacan be overcome with good. So the problem difficult to obtain and misuse of public subsidized fuel does nothappen”, he explained.

Related to the above, the Pertamina represented by senior vice president of Marketing and Distribution of FuelSuhartoko explained in NTB issues PSO fuel was not on quota allocation but rather the supply of which could occurwhen the weather west wind barriers that arise.

To meet the needs of the fishermen due to the amount of SPDN and SPBN inadequate, made ​​up Suhartokosolution is allowed fishermen to buy at the pump or other dealer organizations throughout the existingrecommendations of the Regional Working Units (on education). “For the fishermen in particular other than hecould buy on SPDN and SPBN can also get fuel from the gas station penyebaranya much better with obtainingrecords from the recommendation on education”, he said.

While BPH Migas committee asserted Fanshurullah Asa, relating to the provision of a letter of recommendation bySKPDs, BPH Migas has made these regulations. “The provision of a letter of recommendation has been present inBPH Migas regulation No. 5 of 2012 on Guidelines on the Issuance of Regional Working Units Recommendation ToPurchase Certain Type of Fuel”, said Ifan, safaan familiar Fanshurullah Asa.