BPH Migas Thank Working Visit South Sumatra DPRD

dprd-sumselJAKARTA, Head of the Oil and Gas Downstream Regulatory Body (BPH Migas), Dr. Ir. Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, DEA, Tuesday (28/02/2012) and their staffs the working visit of Members of Parliament of South Sumatra (South Sumatra) which is chaired by the Chairman of Commission III of the DPRD South Sumatra, HM Giri Ramanda NK, SE, MM. The intent and purpose of the working visit in order to find solutions to overcome the scarcity of fuel and fuel allocation for the Province of South Sumatra.

Associated with scarcity and fuel quota which occurred in Susel, Andy explained, in principle BPH Migas understand the problems that occur in the community, especially for the people of South Sumatra Province “In fact it is a lot happening in other places,” he said. Further Andy, adding these problems usually occur in areas where there are mines around the area tersebu or plantations. “Moreover, South Sumatra are coal mines and oil palm plantations” he said.

Meanwhile, BPH Migas Committee, Dr. M. Fansrullah Asa, MT, argued that the quota of subsidized fuel has been quantified for all regions in Indonesia. Of this amount divided for each province and then by district / city. According to him, the problem of shortage of fuel should be our responsibility. “We can control, with good cooperation with the police and local government,” he explained.

The meeting, which took place in the main conference room in addition to BPH Migas office was attended by the Head of BPH Migas, Dr. Ir. Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, DEA, BPH Migas Committee member, Dr. M. Fanshurullah Asa, M.T, Drs. Sumihar Panjaitan, M.M, Ir. Saryono Hadiwidjoyo, MSi, Dr. Ibrahim Hashim, SE, MM, as well as the staff of the Directorate of fuel and the Secretariat.


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