A total of 250 lights Petromate, 1000 Solar Lights For Fishermen in Cirebon

ciciCirebon – Some time ago, on June 1, 2015 carried Launch Day archipelago to15 in the archipelago Kejawanan Fishing Port, Cirebon, West Java by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources as Chairman of the Committee of the archipelago Year’s Day 2015. On that occasion symbolically handed over aid tothe fishermen in Regency / City of Cirebon form Petromate lights.

“As a follow-relief symbolically on June 1, 2015 and, then on this day officially, on behalf of the ministerial EMR, allow me to convey all such assistance to the fishing district and the city of Cirebon, namely light Petromat for fishermen as much as 250 pieces of BPH Migas , Solar lights for fishermen and coastal communities as much as 1000 pieces of DG EBTKE. Under the direction of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources that implementation Archipelago Day is not only ceremonial but there is something that can be handed over to the community, “said Sutijastoto.

According to him, this is a manifestation that the implementation of the Archipelago Day is not only ceremonial but accelerate, ensuring, to optimize the development of infrastructure in order to support the development of maritime regions, especially fishermen.

“This is a manifestation of the direction of Mr. president we are realizing Indonesia as a maritime axis,” he concluded in the office of the Center for Marine Geology, Cirebon, Saturday (04/07/2015).

Meanwhile, Director of Natural Gas Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Umi Asngadah as Chairman of the Social Service Day Nusanatara said BPH Migas 1,000 units Petromate submit to the fishermen in the District / City of Cirebon and Aceh. The grant comes from the Business Entity under the BPH Migas.

“Currently 250 Petromate given to fishermen in the District / City of Cirebon,” said Umi Asngadah.

Profit for the government when fishermen using Petromate could reduce fuel imports, because it does not use fuel Petromate at all. So fuel is seawater or brine.

This Petromate lamp using sea water or salt water and catalyzed electrode. This electrode has a lifetime of approximately 120 hours. Assumed when used every day continuously for 10 hours, so that the electrode can be replaced after 10 days of use. The electrodes price of Rp. 22.000, – which can be bought in alpha mart, Indomaret, and cooperatives.

“If he’s converted to fuel usage (fishing) uses approximately 10 liters of fuel for one day so 120 liters. The price of diesel Rp. 6,500 per liter so needed Rp. 780,000, – So it is very beneficial for the fishermen. He did not have to buy fuel,” Umi said Asngadah.

In addition to the delivery of aid above, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources provide various kinds of assistance, such as help PLTS for settlement of fishermen at two locations, two locations of development wells drilled in Cirebon and Aceh from the Geological Agency, the construction of biogas in two schools of DG EBTKE, development pilot project LPG converter kit 3 Kg for fishermen in Cirebon and Aceh, the construction of roof top solar power in the building of the Governor and the Mayor, the construction of electrical installations free of charge for disadvantaged communities in Cirebon and Aceh from the Directorate General of Electricity.


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