Although the price of fuel subsidies Up Rp. 2,000 Per Liter, estimated Fixed Quota Over 2%

umilagiJakarta – The government has raised the price of fuel oil (BBM) Rp. 2,000 perliter. Premium gasoline from Rp. 6,500 to Rp. 8,500 per liter. While the diesel oil from Rp. 5,500 to Rp. 7,500 per liter. However, the quota of subsidized fuelis expected to remain will have about 2% over quota.

“Before the government announced an increase in subsidized fuel prices, over quota is estimated at 4 to 5%. However, after the price increase could diturunabout 2%”, said Secretary of BPH Migas Umi Asngadah, Tuesday (11/25/2014)in Jakarta.

According to him, because there is still the potential for over-quota of about 2%, then there is still potential PT.Pertamina loss. If previously estimated at Rp. 7.5 trillion, but after a price increase is estimated to be USD. 2.4trillion.

“So it only covered approximately Rp. 2.4 trillion in 2014”, he said.

Recognized Umi, community energy use index is still quite high. In producing goods, exemplified Umi,pemborosanya was more than one so that the index is very high.

“We appeal to the people who currently use private cars or black plate, because the government should alsoprovide such PERTAMAX Oil Fuel and Pertamx Plus in order to switch to the Oil Fuel”, said Umi.

Not only that, the disparity of fuel subsidy by the Non subsidies currently around Rp. 1,450 per liter, is expected to reduce the abuse because it no longer attractive. “So on the one hand there is a saving in the use of the community. Both elements common elements hoarding and mixing will be reduced”, he said.


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