Andy Noorsaman Sommeng: BPH Migas Omitted That Violate the Constitution

andy5Jakarta – Head of Downstream Oil and Gas (BP Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng revealed when the revision of Law No. 22 of 2001 Concerning Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas Law), the institution he leads is eliminated, in clear violation of the Constitution.

It is expected that the draft law of oil and gas do not run in place or setback to the rear as the previous law which occurred monopili. The spirit of the Act No. 22 of 2001 is to eliminate monopili, deregulation and de-bureaucratization.

“The spirit of reform is bureaucratization, which the government must increasingly slim organization that is just as policymakers. Thus only business actors and actors other activities that may only play a role in this republic. In any country like that. There is the government as policy makers, business entities as businesses and Regulatory Agency as supervisor of business activities. So there watching each other and there can be no such thing as corruption. There will be no such thing as a mafia, “he explained.

Therefore it is, if you want to do a revision of oil and gas law shortcomings which could be misused by rentier that must be repaired and not the already well actually even deleted.

“If only enterprises and government policy makers head to head that happened was like before we reform corruption,” he said

Andy added, in any world, be it in a communist country and there is no government leberalis head to head with businesses because it can lead to corruption, collusion and nepotism.

“On one side of the downstream oil and gas business activities that why even greater complexity will eliminate the Governing Body. If this happens in the end is the aggrieved community, state, and arise cartel and monopoly resumed,” he concluded.

According to him, if in the upstream with conditions, such as current production and consumption of natural resources of petroleum only lived 12 years and natural gas was only 50 years old. But why is the fact that even his organization would be enlarged or regulated in the Act that is so great. He questioned why not be returned only to entities such as Pertamina as one of the project management unit.

“In the judical review in the Constitutional Court, there is no single verse in the oil and gas law or norms associated with BPH Migas waived or canceled. If this is omitted means violating the constitution. The constitution really deleted, while the unconstitutional even developed. It’s the wrong idea, “Andy said, in a press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday (04/07/2015).


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