BPH Migas Committee Accompany with Commission VII Working Visit to NTB

miharlombokLombok – Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BP Migas) Sumihar Panjaitan accompany the House of RepresentativesCommission VII member working visit to West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) which ischaired by Kardaya Warnika.

Kardaya who led the working visit, said the visit of Commission VII would like to get the updating of existing problems, especially in NTB Province in the field of energy and mineral resources, research and technology and the environment.

“The aspect of the main tasks of the Commission VII. The information we get will help us in the line of duty”, said Kardaya in NTB provincial governor’s office, Tuesday (02/24/2015).

More specifically, continued Kardaya, is wanted to get an idea among others, the availability of fuel for the community, the existing energy infrastructure and how the system kehandalanya, fuel availability for a specific example for fishing communities, kerosene to gas power plant conditions also include the development and efficiency ratios electrification.

Sementawa Deputy Governor of NTB, Mohammed Amin who received immediate entourage of Commission VII of the House of Representatives Commission VII expect arrival will bring blessings to NTB because it can determine any deficiencies shortcomings, especially in the field of the task which forms the commission’s work VII.

“God willing, there will definitely advice, opinions and also its solutions”, he concluded.


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