BPH Migas Committee Working Visit to Talaud

talaudJAKARTA . As one of the Agency that the main function of monitoring to ensure availability and terdistribusinya fuel oil ( BBM ) throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ), the Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) would need to look directly into the area , including border areas .

Not long ago , BPH Migas committee member Ibrahim Hasyim , a working visit to Talaud Islands , North Sulawesi Province , which is the most north eastern Indonesia region directly adjacent to Fhilipina . The visit was carried out in order to see firsthand how the supply and service of fuel there .

Ibrahim explained , growing economy after the provincial division in the border region would require the availability of fuel as a driver of economic development in the area such as small islands and inland , are sufficient .

” For autonomous regions there are still many who do not know how the process of determining the allocation of fuel based district / city and always have to be corrected if there is expansion . The difficulty increases if there has been no dealer . The concept of sub- agencies need to be established as an alternative medium-term solution , ” said Ibrahim .

Bitung fuel depots are present at very strategic , but it is still a problem with the legal status of the land . Though Bitung terminal serves to supply fuel in the region and part of North Sulawesi Central Sulawesi .

” BPH Migas will push to accelerate the completion of this problem , ” said Ibrahim .

North Sulawesi is currently in the process of dividing the province and is preceded by the expansion of the District / City . The position of the division ‘s status should be a concern next to the fuel quota per district / city year 2014 and subsequent years.


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