BPH Migas Receive a Working Visit Commission B DPRD North Sumatera

sumut2Jakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) received the visit of the Commission and the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) of North Sumatra Province, Friday (10/23/2015). The purpose of the working visit carried out in order to get input related to the supply and distribution of fuel oil (BBM).

Disclosed one of the Members of Parliament Zulkifli Efendi Siregar, North Sumatra, which has quite a lot of the Regency / City is quite an obstacle in the supply and distribution of fuel. Especially when there is a shortage in fuel prices could rise twice as much.

Materials are more worrying, continued Zulkifli is the existence of the bottled retailer whose position it is not far from General Bakr material dispensing stations (gas stations), which is only about 10 meters away from the pump. “Our arrival here looking for a solution how to legalize retailers who sell the region away from the pump. Is it possible to Pergub or Regulation ?,” said Zukifli.

Accommodate what was said Zulkifli, Director of BPH Migas fuel Hendry Ahmad revealed there are some remote areas there are channeling institutions such as gas stations, because the business is not attractive to enterprises.

“The investment to set up a gas station not a small number. The most minimal of about 6 to 7 billion could be even more than that in certain locations. If there are areas that are not economical, far from business centers where the fuel needs her if calculated scala investment unprofitable gas stations, for example, one day only sold 800 to 1,200 liters there will be no gas stations that want to get up there, “said Handry.

Finally BPH Migas issued Regulation No. 06 Year 2015 concerning the sub dealer. Hendry recognized the regulation was not ideal because the object of this Sub-Distributor consumers do not obtain such a price obtained by other communities in large cities that have been able to directly purchase the fuel to gas stations by price regulation.

“If the price of gasoline Premium sold in Medan to Rp 7,300 per liter, then there is an area that is far from the gas station, the formula of sales there is different from the formula the government. Therefore, the involvement of local government and parliament so we needed because it must issue a regulation which could be a legal basis in pricing, “he said.



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