BPH Migas Received a Working Visit Karimun Regency

karimunJAKARTA. Since the status of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) carried Karimun, interest of investors to invest is increasing so that the economic growth continues to increase every year. It is accompanied by the increase of population, thus spurring the increase in motor vehicles both on land and at sea, because the district is an area of ​​Karimun islands.

With the geographical conditions Karimun Regency has characteristics Islands region with a number of islands as many as 249 pieces, a land area of ​​1,524 km2 (19%) and water area 6,460 km2 (81%), so the presence of sea transportation is very important and certainly will be increasing need for fuel oil (BBM ). It diungkatpkan by Arnadi Supa’at, Assistant of Economic and Development Secretariat of Karimun, while coordinating with BPH Migas, Tuesday (28/12014) in Jakarta.

“The aims and objectives we came to BPH Migas is to coordinate further related to fuel quota 2013 including the 2014 quota plan for Karimun. In addition, Karimun regency in 2014 will be host to a celebration of the province, such as the implementation of the MTQ and week by Provincial Raga “he added further.

According to him, with the stipulation of Karimun as FTZ has many inviting investors and one of them is PT Oil Tanking. We are aware that the company should use Oil Fuel. “So what we mean is the addition of subsidized fuel for transportation needs both on land and at sea because of the urbanization” he said.

Karimun regency respond to proposals regarding fuel quota increase in 2014, BPH Migas Committee, Sumihar Panjaitan explained that the fuel quota in 2014 already approved by the Parliament and the Government by 48 million kl. According to him, BPH Migas will tolerate fuel demand in Karimun, but so will the verification is passed first to find out how real the real needs in the region.

“Therefore we mengharpkan cooperation in determining the allocation of fuel. Should not we refer to the legislation per user sector. We issued a letter of recommendation, local government or designated SKPD should be no letter of appointment of the regent. We hear often the pengutan-gleanings when we iingin defend the people, “said Sumihar.

The meeting was attended by Committee members such as BPH Migas, Ibrahim Hashim, Karseno, Plt. Director of BBM, Hendry Ahmad and his staff went smoothly and ended with a souvenir gift.


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