BPH Migas Received Government Working Visit East Belitung

hendryJakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) the working visit of Local Government and Members of Parliament of Commission II East Belitung province. Visits were made in the context of the proposed additional quota Fuel (BBM) Specific type, especially kerosene.

“Our arrival to communicate on the proposed addition of fuel quota Specific type, especially Minak Land. The submission of the proposed additional quota because the quota granted by BPH Migas 2015 is insufficient,” said the Regional Secretary of East Belitung, Talafudin, Thursday (21/15 / 2015).

Meanwhile, Lili Rusli representatives of the Department of Mines and Energy explained that most people in East Belitung is still using kerosene. The addition of the number of families each year continues to grow, and micro enterprises as well as the fishery is also increased so that the needs of Kerosene was experiencing improvement.

“We urgently need additional quota of Kerosene. With the addition of the quota we can make arrangement distribution of fuel types Kerosene and equity base. The difficulties of Local Government is to set the bases for the quota is lacking. The current condition bases in East Belitung province uneven even there are still villages that did not have a base, “said Rusli.

Rusli added that quota In response, the Director of BBM BPH Migas Hendry Ahmad revealed accommodating and will conduct further discussion diinternal BPH Migas. “We will also invite Pertamina to discuss this and verification to the field,” said Hendry.

Hendry on that occasion accompanied Kasubsit Settings, Kasubdit Backup Monitoring and Information Management Section Head fuel and fuel distribution arrangement so that local governments expect East relaying data related to the number of families eligible for Kerosene.


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