BPH Migas Standing Between 3 Pillars

kepalaJAKARTA. Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) stands among the three pillars, namely the government, enterprises and communities. To bring together and synergize these three pillars, the presence of BPH Migas important enough

This was stated by the Head of BPH Migas, Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, the Halal Bihalal with stakeholders in the Hall Building BPH Migas, Monday (08/19/2013). “We hope that our role was unknown. We represent the government in terms of how to keep the policy, representing business entities in order invetasi of the business entities guaranteed. And we also have to ensure how people obtain affordable prices offered by enterprises, “he said.

Recognized Andy, of first serves in BPH Migas, he had asked the bureaucracy that the three roles that run. “Going forward we expect the communication more secure, better, and we also hope the event of a dispute between the body in order to come to our efforts,” he said.

Attending the ceremony were all Members of the Committee, Echelon II, III and IV, some enterprises such as PT Pertamina (Persero) PT Petro Energi Nusantara, PT Pertagas Niaga, PT Petronas, PT Kolaka Inti Persada, PT Eelnusa, PT Patriot Bekasi, and the entire staff of the BPH Migas.


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