BPH Migas Support Focus City Gas Development Plan

umilagiJakarta – Secretary of the Governing Body of the Downstream Oil and Gas (BP Migas) Umi Asngadah fully supports the Government in order to focus the citygas development. Given the public costs cheaper when compared to the cost of using LPG.

“The role of BPH Migas set the selling price of natural gas to households andsmall customers who have applied to the area of Tarakan, Bontang, Sidoarjo,Palembang, Prabumulih, Bekasi, Depok and other cities it is clearly stated in Article 46 Paragraph (3) letters e Oil and Gas Law No. 22 of 2001. when the revision of the Oil and Gas Law No. 22of 2001, mandated to regulate gas prices in other sectors such as industry and transport gas prices, BPH Migasvery prepared, “said Umi Asngadah when interviewed in his office on Monday (09.03.2015).

Added Umi, the current trade system of natural gas through pipelines is still chaotic, one reason is because it has not been fully authorized commercial activity regulation of natural gas through pipelines given to BPH Migas, for example, on the permissions you are still given by the government.

For that, there needs to be clarity continued separation between policy makers conducted by the government andregulation and oversight by the Governing body.


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