BPH Migas Thank Visits Chairman PB HMI

hmi2JAKARTA. Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas), Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, Friday (10/25/2013) received a friendship visit the Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Students Association (HMI PB).

Presented Andy, visit PB HMI chaired Chairman, Muhammad Arief Rosyid is to obtain information about the activities downstream.

“They are friends of PB HMI want to come here in order to obtain information relating to the oil and gas downstream as long as it is in society much misunderstood and many do not understand the downstream oil and gas industry. They asked for an explanation was,” he said.

In addition, said Andy, their role is needed in order to straighten out how people get enlightenment related to the oil and gas industry in general and in particular the oil and gas downstream industry.

“So if there will be activities related to oil and gas downstream they could also be asked to disseminate to the public so that they are not wrong in receiving the information,” said Andy.

While Chairman of PB HMI Muhammad Arief Rosyid, Executive Board of the Islamic Students Association (HMI PB) revealed BPH Migas aim to visit is in order silaturohim. “Through this we expect silaturohim obtain more comprehensive information about how the performance or activities of BPH Migas itself,” he concluded.


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