Diesel consumption is estimated Over

metro2JAKARTA. The rate of economic growth reached 5 to 6% would result in an increased need for fuel oil (BBM). Been anticipated sufficient for premium gasoline. However, for diesel oil if no control measures are expected to be over about 1 to 2 million kilo liters (KL).

“The realization of this month until the expected premium or less sufficient. While solar is estimated to be over 1 to 2 million KL if no effort control efforts, “said committee Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Ibrahim Hashim, Friday (18/10/20130) in Jakarta.

To suppress in order to avoid over-oil Solar, said Ibrahim had been made control efforts, one of which has been lowered ESDM No. 01 in 2013 and elaborated in BPH Migas Rule number 3, 4 and 5 that have specific results. In the BPH Migas regulation, the SKPD provide a letter of recommendation for a particular consumer. So that the diesel oil flow to consumers can be controlled by the local government on education each corresponding quota of the district / city that has been set. Control of diesel oil consumption in 2013 has become more effective since begun forbids commercial ships using diesel oil is subsidized.

“Especially with the control efforts are continually improved with a number of arrests made the purchase, storage and sale of fuel subsidies illegal in Medan and around Jakarta, is expected to control the quota of diesel oil is more effective that over quota can be arrested,” said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim added, because the disparity is still high course there are still (smuggling) even though they had done a wide variety of surveillance and especially the modus operandi increasingly sophisticated. “Diesel oil is prone to be smuggled into the industry that should be put on the non-subsidized,” said Ibrahim hasyim.


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