Dissolution About Discourse BPH Migas, Ibrahim Hashim: Only a Discussion Forum and Parliament Can Decides on New Gas Law

hasmJakarta – Discourse dissolution Regulatory Agency Downstream Oil and Gas (BP Migas) 12-year-old is getting pushed. Especially in the revised draft Oil and Gas Law No. 22 of 2001, the government’s version is no longer mention explicitly the existence of BPH Migas.

Recognized Ibrahim, indeed thinking and proposals related to the revision of the oil and gas law can come from anywhere for consideration.

Moreover, Ibrahim continued persistence of subsidized fuel, fraud, mafia, rentier, fuel reduction because of new renewable energy development and utilization of natural gas in the country that continues to spread in the area with the wider community of consumers in general. “Of course the future regulation and supervision still needed,” he explained.

“In the event that the scope of the authority of the existing BPH Migas has not been fitted, it should be fixed in the upcoming revision of the Oil and Gas Law. Not dissolved, but the scope of arbitrary precisely which must be adapted to the challenges of the future,” said Ibrahim, Thursday (04/09/2015) in his office.

He said, the formation of BPH Migas was formed based on the results of government studies in other countries, because in many countries there is a regulatory board diverse scope of its authority. For example, in New Zealand, Brazil, India, Turkey and others.

BPH Migas committee member Ibrahim Hashim said efforts to negate BPH Migas, who was born based on the Oil and Gas Law No. 22 of 2001 can only be made in the discussion in the House of Representatives through the various proposals that come in and decided the House into a new oil and gas law.


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