ESDM Minister Inaugurates Echelon I and II in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM)

pelantikanes1Jakarta – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Said,Thursday (07/05/2015) inaugurated the Structural Echelon I and II of theMinistry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Sudirman said in his speech the leader in EMR must dare to make breakthroughs. “If we make breakthroughs but no pasted behind, God willing, God protect us. If it turns out as good breakthrough for our country sued the public will protect us,” said Sudirman.

On that occasion, he also said that his team can compact. To affairs minister let alone political stakeholders that interact with political parties. The Director General when forced to interact in order to report and deliver what the subject, because this sector has traditionally always been a lot of outside sponsors who have less good intentions to control this ministry by going kelapis subsequent layers.

“I do not want this happen again. I do not want to. Tops echelon III is no second echelon, boss Echelon Echelon I and II no boss Echelon I exist Minister. Keep this line so that we survived together. Hopefully with this we can surrender body and soul we publicly solely serve the community. Hopefully, people increasingly appreciate us all, “he said.

Here are the names of the Structural Echelon I and II were inducted:

For Echelon I officials including; Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gusti Nyoman Wiratmaja Puja, M.Sc. as the Director General of Oil and Gas, Ir. Jarman, M.Sc. as Director General of Electricity, Ir. Bambang Gatot Ariyono, MM as Director General of Mineral and Coal, Ir. Rida Mulyana, M.Sc. as Director General EBTKE and Satri Nugraha SH, LLM as Secretary General of the National Energy Board

Echelon II among others;

1. Erika Retnowati, AK., M.Si as Head of Finance Secretariat General KESDM

2. Parlaungan Simatupang, SE, MM as Head of General Affairs of the Secretariat General KESDM

3. Zainal Arifin, SH, MM as the Head of State Property Management of the Secretariat General KESDM

4. Dr.Ir. Dadan Kusdiana., M.Sc as Head of Public Communication Secretariat General KESDM

5. Yuli Rachmawati, SH served Inspector IV at the General Inspectorate KESDM

6. Drs. Jonson Pakpahan, Ak., M.Sc., CA as Inspector V at the General Inspectorate KESDM

7. Dr.Ir. Djoko Siswanto, MBA as Director of Upstream Oil and Gas

8. Ir. Setyorini Tri Hutami as Business Development Director of Downstream Oil and Gas

9. Dr. Ir. Naryanto Wagimin, M.Si as Director of Engineering and the Environment of Oil and Gas

10. Ir. Sujatmiko as Secretary of the Directorate General of Electricity

11. Ir. Alihuddin Sitompul, MM as Director of Electrification Program

12. Ir. Munir Ahmad as Director of Engineering and Environmental Power

13. Ir. Agoes Triboesono., M.Eng as the Secretary of the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal

14. Sri Rahardjo, M.Eng.Sc Program Director of Mineral and Coal

15. Ir. Mohammad Hidayat as Director of Business Development Mineral

16. Dr. Ir Adhi Wibowo, M.Sc Director of Business Development of Coal

17. Ir. M. Hendrasto, M.Sc Engineering and Environment Director of Mineral and Coal

18. Ir. Tisnaldi as Director of Bioenergy

19. Ir. Maritje Hutapea as Director of Arts, New Energy and Renewable Energy

20. Ir. Farida Zed, ME as Director of Energy Conservation

21. Ir. Hedi Hidayat, M.Si as Head of Geological Resources

22. Drs. R. Edi Prasdjo, M.Sc as Head of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation

23. Ir. Personal Agung, M.Sc as Head of Geological Survey

24. Iwan Prasetya Adhi, S.E., Ak. as Secretary of Energy and Mineral Resources Research and Development Agency

25. Dr. Ir. Ediar Usman, MT as the head of the Center for Marine Geology

26. Drs. Wawan Supriatna, M.Pd as Head of Oil and Gas Training Center

27. Agus Salim, SH, MH as Head of the Training Centre for Mineral and Coal

28. Ir. Bambang Susigit, MT as the Head of Geology Pusdiklat

29. Dr.Ir. Bambang Tjahyono Setiabudi, M.Sc as Secretary of BPH Migas

30. Ir. Hendry Ahmad, MT as the Director of Fuel BPH Migas

31. Ir. Umi Asngadah, MT as Director of Gas BPH Migas

32. Drs. Heri Nurzaman, MM as the Head of Energy Policy and Trial Facilitation

33. Dr.Ir. Abdurrahman Saleh, M.Sc as Facilitation Bureau Chief for Crisis and Energy Monitoring

Besides Structural Echelon I and II, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources also induct 5 SKK Migas official. The officials are:

1. M. I. Zikrullah as Deputy Head

2. Budi Agustyono as Secretary

3. Gunawan Sutadiwirja as Deputy Planning Control

4. Parulian Sihotang as Deputy Financial Control

5. Rudianto Rimbono as Deputy Control Business Support


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