ESDM Wamen: Bontang Refinery Construction Constrained by Land

kemayoranJAKARTA. The government plans to build a refinery infrastructure in Bontang,East Kalimantan still constrained land issues and other issues such assupporting facilities.

“For the land acquisition was not easy. The land needed to build refineriesaround 600 to 1,000 acres, “said Vice Minister of EMR after attending APKASIInternational Trade and Investment Summit in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta(14/4/2014).

Therefore, further Susilo, from about 6 to 7 sites for the construction of oil refineries and has been evaluated by the IBT, LAPI together with Migas and Pertamina, including how the breadth and supporters finally chosenBontang.

In addition, further Susilo, there should be support facilities including ports. Build a refinery in the port it should bethere because later to bring crude oil using using the Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC).

In the near future, we will invite investors who are really really serious. “We give them therms and reference (TOR), especially those dealing with its terms. We will simplify the construction of the refinery so that it could run1x300.000 barrel, “he concluded.


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