Fordist BPH Migas With Stakeholders On Gas Sector

fordis55Palembang – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) to re-implement Discussion Forum Oil and Gas Downstream Regulatory Body with Stakeholders (stakeholder) in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Disclosed BPH Migas Committee Ibrahim Hashim representing speech the Head of BPH Migas said, Fordist organized to accommodate the aspirations, ideas and ideas between BPH Migas with relevant agencies and businesses downstream natural gas on the supply, regulation, legal certainty, funding and also the prices that affect the development and continuity of the business activities of transport and trading of natural gas through pipelines.

Through this bulletin board, Ibrahim hopes the various problems that arise in the construction of natural gas infrastructure obtained kongrit step, both the improvement of regulation, licensing and others to accelerate the development process.

“Acceleration should be done. The integration also do not forget in order to achieve the purpose of the benefit of the natural gas infrastructure is built,” said Ibrahim Hasyim Discussion Forum Regulatory Agency for Natural Gas with Stakeholders that the theme Accelerating Development and Infrastructure Development Natural Gas National, Thursday (3 / 9/2015).

While Director of Gas BPH Migas Umi Asngadah say Discussion forums BPH Migas with stakeholders (stakeholders) intended to bring together, improving interaction, communication between BPH Migas, agencies, relevant and businesses downstream natural gas both concerning policy, regulation, source and supply natural gas, the use of infrastructure, financing and other related business activities of transport and trading of natural gas through pipelines.

“The purpose of the forum is to get masuskan diksusi from relevant agencies such as the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, SKK Migas and obtain current information with the input of various businesses related to the operation of downstream gas business in particular transport and trading of natural gas through pipelines,” said Umi Asngadah.

“Furthermore, want to find a solution to the existing problems related to the acceleration and development of natural gas infrastructure and accelerate the development of relationships and better communication between policy makers, regualtor and businesses to promote synergies in order to increase the utilization of natural gas,” he concluded.

Fordist is an annual event held BPH Migas. Implementation at the Palembang is the fifth having previously held in Bali in 2011, Surabya 2012, Semarang in 2013 and Yogyakarta in 2014.


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