Fuel Market wake of the Interior, Indonesia Can Have MOFI

tempo1Jakarta – Until now, Indonesia still imports of fuel oil (BBM) to meet domestic demand. In the conditions of the exchange rate is so high as now, would have a significant impact. So how that Indonesia is no longer dependent on imports?

Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng said Indonesia as a big market it is better oil market was brought into the country.

“Merchants should bring the oil into Indonesia. Later there is the futures trading. So the investor can build storage in Indonesia. Why wake storage, because there are traders who come who want to entrust the oil,” said Chief BPHMigas, Monday (21/09 / 2015) in Jakarta.

According to him, with the market in the country will certainly be no Indonesian oil price index as a hub in Asean. In the end Indonesia also has MOFI (Middle Oil Flat Indonesia).

“Indonesia should be like that. The period we hung together Singapore continues. And we of the market. If we want to be a leader in the oil markets Indonesia, we should build up a lot of storage. Therefore, traders will be many who enter Indonesia. After that we thinkers must wake up refinery to supply the merchants. Singapore is also like that, “said Andy.


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