Fuel Subsidy In APBNP 2015 was Agreed 17.9 Million KL

saidlagi2Jakarta – After several times in balanced allocation of quotas of fuel oil (BBM)meeting between the Commission VII of the House of Representatives by theMinister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) Tuesday (3/02/2015), the volume of fuel finally agreed by 17, 9 million kiloliters (KL). With details of diesel oil amounted to 17.05 million KL and Kerosene 0.85 million KL.

“Quota we agree with the government’s proposals. However, to accommodatethe extras eg, fishing and agriculture and other government should or need todiscuss and seek approval from the House of Representatives Commission VII”, said Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VII, Kardaya Warnika while knocking hammer marking the signing of the amount of volume of subsidized fuel in 2015 revised budget.

In addition to the quota amount of fuel subsidy, the meeting also agreed on a fixed amount of subsidy for diesel oilRp 1.000, – per liter, periodization of the price adjustment every two weeks to once every month and alpha fuelsubsidies of around Rp 734 to Rp 1.000, – per liter.

Agreement on subsidized fuel alpha resulted in delayed agreement diketok hammer. According to the PDI-Struggleprac Mercy Barends, with the increase alhpa be Rp 1,000, – per liter is logically a decline in prices.

“If included in the calculation of the price of Diesel to be down about USD 400, – per liter. So the price is Rp 6,600,- to Rp 6,000, – per liter,” he said. He also suggested that alpha clustered fuel subsidies to the provincialdistribution and non Islands archipelago. So that the level of accessibility to the hands of the people can be muchmore fair.

A similar sentiment was also expressed from Fraction Gerindra, Hari Purnomo. With the current marketdevelopments, should the price of diesel is now determined by the government for 6400 should be immediatelyheld Markdown to Rp 6,000, – per liter. But on the one hand does not hurt Pertamina and also not burden the state budget, because it does not come out of the government’s proposals through the state budget in 2015.

In response to the decline in the price of diesel fuel, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR)Sudirman Said said aspiration or greatly appreciate the support of the Commission VII to give good news to the public that there is actually a better price can be determined. But according to Sudirman, there are some things you should consider.

“We must consider the logistical aspects. Although the nature pernurunan still need time. We need to coordinatefirst with the Minister for Economy, Finance Minister, President and PT. Pertamina .. regulatory principle no problem but the logistics need to be considered,” he said.


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