Fuel Subsidy is not for Everyone

kompastv1Jakarta – The government and the Parliament has set a quota allocation of fuel oil (BBM) in the state budget in 2014 amounted to 46 million kiloliters (KL).The quota should be controlled so that the right target, because subsidized fuel is not for everyone. The purpose of fuel subsidies for the poor people. Sowho exactly are entitled to subsidized fuel?

Members of the Governing Body Committee Downstream Oil and Gas (BP Migas) Ibrahim Hashim reveal anyone who may be on subsidized fuel is clearly stated in Presidential Decree No. 15 of 2012.

“In regulation 15, in 2012 it was mentioned anyone who is allowed to be. There is the 6 groups, includingtransportation, household, fishing, micro-enterprises, public services, agriculture. That may be”, said IbrahimHashim, Friday (28 / 11/2014) in Jakarta.

According to Ibrahim, if already known to anyone who may each region has been given a quota, then given the authority to regulate, in particular diesel oil to certain groups. Here LGs determine who should and should not be.All this is done, further Ibrahim, estuary there are two. First, how can he (fuel subsidies) on target, so the necessary supervision. Second, it must be able to encourage the use of non-subsidized fuel.

“If this happens then the amount of subsidy provided by the government could be enough. So if in the framework of the implementation of the quota of subsidized fuel is less then BPH Migas also issued a directive last August as a toll road control, certain areas may not be open at night and so on”, he concluded.

Ibrahim added control initiatives are also walking in the area. Each area because felt a certain quota and he mustsave his people need him finally issued its own initiatives. In some areas the road, as they can only purchase how many liters or how many dollars.

While related to the supervision of the fuel subsidy, BPH Migas Committee Martin Samodra Ritonga, said in principle has been pursued with regulatory models. One model was made with the publication of recommendationsWork Units (SKPD).

“Fishermen can not get fuel subsidy granted. He had to go through the recommendations already registered. This is one way to control the fuel subsidy and so on target. The system is already as an oversight”, exemplified Martin.


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