Ibrahim Hashim: Strategies for Success So Alternative Energy Infrastructure Development

ibra1JAKARTA. The use of natural gas has started encouraging because it has gone up to about 53% is used to meet domestic needs. To continue to increase its use would have to be supported by the development and expansion of infrastructure utilization.

“Studying the successful development of energy in many countries is the key to the pricing strategy , which is an attractive gas price level for investors to develop infrastructure and attractive for consumers as well as reasonable . The point is what we’re looking for , so that the development of alternatives such as natural gas energli it can succeed . If only the government would have a long time to build the infrastructure due to budget constraints , but if given the role of private sector and he’ll pull in, “said Governing Body Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) Dr . Ibrahim Hashim , Wednesday ( 03/26/2014 ) in Jakarta.

Now the infrastructure of South Sumatra pipeline which is the center of the gas up to the already available Java .Even now connect from Borneo to Java ( kalija1 pipe ) . Gresik also plans to Semarang . So no need to worry there is no gas supply . It certainly needs to be also supported its use by the wider community, especially the industry , not just cool to use the existing fuel when alternative energy.

“People used to think that building the infrastructure of gas where the gas supply later . Now no need to hesitate because the government has given allocation . Certainty that the existing infrastructure was just how it was , not only transmission pipeline , but also the distribution pipes and charging facilities as SPBGs , ” he concluded.

Currently, said Ibrahim , the government has encouraged state-owned enterprises and private infrastructure for the development of a distribution network and the location of construction on a 10 point spread in Sumatra , Java , Borneo , and Sulawesi, and will continue to be built in the coming years for the benefit of the household.

“It is expected to resolve the problem in part to the energy needs of households who previously used kerosene to LPG conversion and then the next in the long run to switch to natural gas is more widely available . The more developed distribution pipeline will accelerate the use of gas , ” he said.

Previous use of gas is not so massive . One of the problems is because they infrastructures . Gas production is far from the location of an obstacle course intake pipe when the gas is not available because it brings to the location of consumption is not the same as carrying fuel . ” Fuel can be transported by ship while the gas at that time could only be transported by pipeline , so the infrastructure to be built close to consumers and it takes time . Now it is already built but not entirely , “said Ibrahim Hashim.


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