Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM): No Purpose to Avoid DPR Invitation

rakerbaruJakarta – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Saidclarify why can not attend several times invited the Commission VII of the House of Representatives for a working meeting.

According to him, he could not attend the invitation because it has a fairly dense schedule of activities that inevitably must himself to attend the event.However, it has sent a letter three times to explain the situation.

“There is absolutely no intention to disrespect undangnan Parliament. We are fully aware or appreciate that we both have state duties and therefore with good communication over the years, either through oral or written we have already explained the condition of our activities,” said Sudirman during a meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (9/06/2015).

Outlined Sudirman, in mid-May he had followed the entourage of the President to Papua New Guinea, because suddenly the Papua New Guinea wants to talk about oil and gas and may not be represented by another minister.

“So we set out following a rather sudden and since the day it was given out that afternoon must leave,” he concluded.

Furthermore, on 22 and 24 has the task to accompany the Minister for Economic Affairs will lead a delegation to discuss the joint economic committee between Iran and Indonesia. “This meeting is a follow up of the meeting between the President of Iran to the President of Indonesia at the time of KAA. It is also not possible because one of the items represented by the magnitude is cooperation in the fields of energy, oil and gas,” he said.

Returning from there, there was a plan a meeting with Commission VII but had planned long ago to send the entire echelon I and II to Pusdiklat Kopassus Batujajar. This activity can not be delayed because it was postponed three times and has invited speakers from outside.

“I could not be with them, but it seems I have to besama them to process it together we went through because it was part of the team building,” said Sdudirman.

Finally, further Sudirman on June 5, was assigned to attend a meeting of OPEC members to convey meaning or intention of reactivating the membership in OPEC. “There is no intention at all to ignore the invitation of the House. We have also sent three letters. First on the 19th, and Insha Allah it is deemed beg our respect to the Commission VII and the House because there is no intention at all to avoid the law,” he concluded.


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