New Price Petrol RON 88 Down To Rp 7,600 per liter

djalilJakarta – The government officially announced the new price of fuel oil (BBM).Premium gasoline price of Rp. 8,500 to Rp. 7,600 per liter. As for the diesel oilfrom Rp. 7,500 to Rp. 7,250 per liter. The new price is valid from January 1, 2015 at 00:00 pm.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Djalil said the governmentannounced the core of this pricing policy for the development of world oil prices continue to weaken. Therefore there is a review of the price of oil.Especially policy towards premium gasoline and diesel oil.

“The price will be evaluated every month. The government needs to evaluate this because currently only PTPertamina as a single player only”. If later there is healthy competition mechanism, this price would be moredynamic, “said Economy Minister Djalil in a press statement on Wednesday (12/31/2014) at the Ministry ofEconomy, Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudiman Said revealed the new pricing policy, there will bethree types of fuel, including fuel type Specific, Special fuel and fuel general assignment.

According to him, a certain type of fuel or fuel subsidy is kerosene, with prices unchanged ie, Rp. 2,500 per literVAT included. Both diesel oil. While the pricing of diesel oil made formula consisting of a base price plus VAT plus the motor vehicle fuel tax (PBBKB) then reduced subsidy of Rp 1,000 rupiah.

“This is called a fixed subsidy policy. So if the economic price of diesel goes up or down, the price of diesel subsidywill also go down. It’s a good policy because the public will be invited to familiarize themselves with the dynamics of the economic price”, he concluded.

While the assignment of fuel specified by a formula with a base price plus VAT plus PBBKB plus distribution coststhat will be given to entities that carry out the distribution. “The amount of 2%”, he said.

As for the general fuel types, calculation formulas selling price set by the government, where the base price plusVAT ditamah PBBKB then coupled with margin Enterprises. However, since this is the economical price thensubmitted to enterprises using the guidelines given by government formula.

“How to give pedomanya is no lower limit and there is bat as above. We do not want competition amongenterprises was later unhealthy, because it is given a margin of at least 5% and a maximum of 10%. Although theprice is released at economic prices but the market does not mean a free market set your own price”, he said


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