Parliament: Frequency Fuel Price Policy Too Fast

raker1Jakarta – Members of the House of Representatives Commission VII of the National Democratic Party (Nasdem) Kurtubi requested that the frequency of fuel price policy is not done too quickly. It is dikemukan during a working meeting with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Monday (03/30/2015) in Senayan, Jakarta.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by Members of Parliament from Golkar Dito Ganinduto. According to the fuel price hike could possibly be noticed again. “If you can do one month so that no price volatility,” he concluded.

“If it was agreed that fuel prices throughout the year only once. I agree subsidies should be reduced or even eliminated. If there is a significant change in the price of so-so 6 months,” said Kurtubi.

According to better embrace a stable pricing policy regime or once a year to determine the price of fuel is exactly as it exists now. The price of crude oil price assumptions used by the state budget and the dollar exchange rate used is also the dollar in the state budget.

“It is dangerous at all if the determination of the government’s fuel price is frekuesninya too fast, too often, due to rising fuel prices that are economically the asymmetric nature,” he said.


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