Performance Seen Only From The Budget Absorption, Head of BPH Migas: It Wrong

kemang2Jakarta – Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPHMigas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng say if the agency’s performance dipimpinyaseen only from the budget absorption, it is wrong.

It is said to Andy in the event Stakeholder Dialogue Forum Brought Governance BPH Migas Downstream Oil and Gas In accordance with the Constitution For Institutional Strengthening, Thursday (10/15/2015) at the Grand Kemang, Jakarta.

“That performance was to be seen of how the activities in the downstream sector to develop. How the indicators? One of the indicators is easy, that is how big the contributions of business entities received by the state,” said Head of BPH Migas Andy Noorsaman Sommeng.

Andy added, that during this time the real budget of BPH Migas was based on contributions. While the State Finance Law nobody knew his name dues. State Finance Act only recognizes the tax, non-tax revenues (non-tax state revenues) and grants. So that contributions from business entities that enter into or non-tax revenues to the state treasury and then the state gives the percentage that can be used.

Andy said he wondered why until now dipimpinya institution that is clearly constitutional but still ‘rocking the baby’ would be dissolved.

“If we want to refer to the institutional strengthening, we have a constitutional institution. That is why I also wonder why the oil and gas law that has 4 times the judical review there is not one single verse related to BPH Migas canceled by the Constitutional Court (MK),” he said.

Recognized Andy, are currently being rowdy related diluaran about institutional. If it really does not exist BPH Migas was weird because in many countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore is no such thing Outhority Energy Market. Additionally in China there is the Energy Market Administration and even in Turkey there is any Energy Market Regulatory Outhority.

“In the past when there were two streams of world politics that developed between communism and capitalism, both went bankrupt. That is no longer possible to state that head to head to businesses. There should be a third party bridging or On Behalf of the government as policy maker, on Behalf of Enterprises and On Behalf of the people represented by the Parliament, “added Andy.


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