Premium Gasoline Prices Should Rp 7,900 per liter

raker1Jakarta – premium gasoline and diesel oil on March 28, 2015 at 00:00 pm, respectively increased by Rp 500 per liter. Premium Rp 6,400 to Rp 6,900 per liter. While the diesel oil from Rp 6,800, – to Rp 7,300. So what price the economies of the two types of fuel?

“If we look at the development of oil prices associated with the exchange rate, since May is decreased as a trend but then rise again in January to March. In fact, the calculations of premium and diesel fuel economical price increase is very significant,” he explained.

He added that taking spots from January to March, there is a trend of rising prices, which is the lowest point in January at US $ 45.30 per barrel. Then now reached US $ 53 per barrel.
As for diesel oil, said Sudirman in the calculation actually economical price of Rp 7.900, – per liter, but reduced the fixed subsidy per liter Rp.1000. “So ketemulah Rp.6.900 numbers, – per liter,” said Sudirman.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) Sudirman Said revealed that the economic price of premium gasoline at Rp 7,900 per liter. “Actually Rp7.900 economical price. However, because of the trust the government set the price so we do not let go solely on economic price. This is why we then fix the price of Rp 7,900 but not the Rp 7,300 rupiah per liter,” said Sudirman during a working meeting with the Commission VII of the House of Representatives on Monday (03/30/2014), in Senayan, Jakarta.


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