RON 88 Planned Removed, BPH Migas: Supply Chain Management Become Very Important


Jakarta – Oil and Gas Governance Reform Team recommends to the government to carry out the elimination of the premium gasoline (RON 88).Especially in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia produces nothing.

According to the Chairman of the Governance Reform Migas, Faisal Basri priceformation process RON 88 is not clear, not based on market dynamics betuk-really happened. So if nothing is produced, the process of price formation is also no. So as to set the price of RON 88 is made of strange formula.

“There is no market and the price, it is as if the price of RON 88 it was in a dark room.” If diruangan dark, comes the mafia’s. Munculah all sorts of efforts to determine the market price does not pass”, said Chairman of theGovernance Reform Migas, Faisal Basri, Saturday (12/27/2014) at Warung Daun, Jakarta.

In response, the Governing Body Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas (BP Migas) said that if the plan is the removal of premium gasoline be implemented by the government means a big change in which approximately 90% of the national volume of fuel it needs to be converted from gasoline into pertamax.

“Now the consumption of approximately 90% premium. While pertamax about 10%. So if there is an idea to be replaced seen magnitude. However, any ideas for renewal that we must support. Only our interests do whatever itis the betting community needs. So then if indeed this recommendation will eventually be used by the government,then that is done quickly there will be pertaruhanya, especially our country is an archipelago. the issue of supplychain management is very important so it should be set too well”, he said.

He added that there is a risk revamped as well. The risk is at stake is a service to the community. Therefore, itmay have to be a stage steps that must be made so that the diversification of sources of supply should be only too well managed not handed over to the market. Experience proves left entirely to the market can not, especially inremote areas. Who wants in remote areas?

“Momentum like this should be a policy response from the state. In Brazil there is a rise and fall of each oil pricesmust be a policy response to it. So pegembangan national energy supply it happen. This, too, I think the momentum is to be taken by the reform team. we support the needs of the community if it met with good, cheap prices, targeted and everything”, said Ibrahim.

It is said Faisal, previously it had carried out consultations with PT. Pertamina related to readiness. When askedPT. Pertamina said kesiapanya with existing refineries. So far, there is a kind of miss leading in the community asthe Pertamina refinery can not produce RON 92, except Balongan.

“Pertamina refinery can produce pertamax off (very high aromatic content) therefore lowered so that coupled withMTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) in holding that there is now”, he said.

In addition, Pertamina also has a stake in Petrochemical Transpasfic INDOTAMA (TPPI). TPPI aromatic facilities.Tuban Petro it has aromatic facility. There are additional supplies that can be produced from aromatic plant thatcan be converted directly to be able to produce RON 92.

“If PT. Pertamina could have something extraordinary. If the production and pengadaanya been able,pendistribusan already capable and communities can better oil yes, it is just fine. But if it is not too well at thestage of implementation should be exercised well”, Ibrahim said.


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