Socialization Plan Card Usage Policy About Government Subsidized Fuel Facility

kramat rayaJAKARTA. Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) the dissemination of government policy plan on using the card to purchase subsidized fuel facility type Certain types of premium fuel and diesel oil with employers stations that are members of the Gas Hiswana Jabodetabek, Friday (11 / 10/2013) in Jakarta.

According to BPH Migas Committee Saryono Hadiwidjoyo, in his speech revealed an increasing number of people, vehicles and the type of economic growth resulted in consumption of fuel oil (BBM) Subsidized especially for the type of gasoline and diesel oil increased rapidly.

Increased fuel consumption is in line with the growth of motor vehicles, especially in big cities is quite high, ranging from 8% to 12% per year enough financial burden countries. More than 50% of national fuel consumption is in the transport sector, where 88% is consumed by road transport and 66% of private cars and transport goods.

So there needs to be regulation and supervision of the supply and distribution of subsidized fuel distribution so that the right target, the right volume and timely. To achieve this goal, the Government made a policy of the application card Subsidized Fuel Facility in the purchase of fuel type Specific for the type of Premium and Diesel Fuel.

“The facility is equipped with a chip card so as to allow loading of data and information on the consumer’s identity, volume, type of fuel, and the implementation of the transaction region and type of vehicle. Card so that the facility can not be transferred or misused and can determine the level of real consumption per consumer Subsidized Fuel Users, “said Saryono.

In order to enable customers to make payments of purchase subsidized fuel, eventually Card facility will be equipped with the Inter Operability between the issuer of electronic money which consumers can use the Card Facility to banks that already have electronic money systems that people can use the Card Facility in Bank Mandiri, BRI, BCA, BNI.


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