Subsidized fuel purchase card Planned Disposal Facilities

menhatanJAKARTA. The government is currently working to establish usage policies Card Facility Fuel (BBM) in the purchase of subsidized fuel type Specific for the type of Premium and Diesel Fuel that the supply and distribution can be precisely targeted, appropriate and timely volume.

Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng in sambuatannya public hearing when drafting regulations on the distribution of BPH Migas particular fuel type by using cards that represented Facilities Committee of BPH Migas, Fanshurullah Asa, Wednesday (25/09/2013) revealed that the use of cards Facilities government initiated a program to realize the sustainable supply and distribution to the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia. “Using the card facility has many advantages, among others, the government will obtain data and information on the user, the volume and type of fuel used by the public Certain. This is particularly important given the data and the information can be used to construct subsidized fuel needs in real terms as a reference volume of subsidized fuel submission to the Parliament in the preparation of the state budget, “said Fanshurullah.

Not only the government. The advantage of using the card also enjoyed public facilities such as ease of payment, security in the transaction, and the requirement for subsidized fuel on an ongoing basis. For the banks will also get the advantage of the increase in liquidity, add customers and reduce the counterfeit money as well as cashless and paperless.

Added Ifan, greeting familiar Fanshurullah, Cards The facility is equipped with a chip that allows the loading of data and information on the identity of customers, volume, type of fuel, the implementation and the area of ​​transactions and the types of vehicles that card Such facilities can not be transferred or misused and can find real consumption of fuel subsidized per consumer users.

“To enable customers to make payments of purchase of subsidized fuel, Card facility will be equipped with the Inter Operability between publishers monetize electrically where consumers can use the Card Facility at the bank that has a system of money elektronilk in bank mandiari, BRI, BCA and BNI will be coordinated by the bank Indonesia, which currently has a policy to encourage the use of electronic money, “he said.


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