Sudirman Said Inaugurates Officials Eselon III and IV in the ESDM Environment

e3Jakarta – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Sudirman Saidinduct as many as 362 people echelon III and IV in the Ministry of Energy andMineral Resources. This reshuffle became history at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as previously did not exist simultaneously and as many asthis reshuffle. Sudirman said in his speech do not want bureaucracy that leads mechanistic system applies. He wants bureaucracy that EMR has a life, has spirit, has a soul that meet people smile, have an attitude of service, and when they meet the boss reprimanded, do not meet the boss even hide.

“I have often witnessed. One of me what that. As soon as I passed everyone entering the room again as the minister does not want to see you. I guess because of the culture of the past who put the boss was unattainable,” he said.

Sudirman hope to pelatikan conducted a large scale in the afternoon more and make the organization stronger, more solid and capable of downloading delivery expectations of society.

“Echelon III and IV of the true operator. The person who actually operate the bureaucracy, because that process documents, which initiated the process exists in all of you. We are in the appreciation of this decision as a way to encourage you all to get good updates task, networks, friend , challenge, until the new achievement. Nothing wrong updates. Updates are always beneficial. There are no quick time to adjust but in the near future you will feel that this update can judge something quickly, “added Sudirman.


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