The complexity of fuel distribution patterns in countries like Indonesia Islands

liputan6Jakarta – Indonesia is an archipelago. Approximately consists of about 17,000islands stretches from Sabang to Merauke. It is certainly an obstacle in the supplyand distribution of fuel oil (BBM).

Head of Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BP Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng admit distribution of fuel in countries such as the Indonesian archipelago is very difficult, so the supply chain its management requires a very complex idea. He indulged supply point, destination point it is very important.

According to him, the supply point average in the western part of the Indonesian republic. While the points that many consume from Sabang to Merauke. Plus remote areas that are a little difficult to reach.

“There, later it takes a lot of infrastructure for storage, infrastructure in order to receive the fuel that we take from one point if it was on the island of Java, Sumatra or Borneo,” said Andy in chamber works, Friday (03/13/2015).

Another obstacle in Indonesia known to have two types of fuel, the fuel subsidy and type of Fuel General. But after rising 191 2014 Presidential know there are three types of fuel, which is a particular fuel type or fuel subsidies such as Diesel and Kerosene. Then special assignment fuel.

Fuel special assignment called Premium. Premium is now no longer in subsidies but for outside Java island different from Jamali area. There is an additional distribution costs for entities that distribute them, and the last common type of fuel.

Andy described, first when the price difference Rp.4.000 to 5,000, – encourage people to do abuse. People can sell at a significant price difference. For now no longer as it was lived Solar and subsidies fixed subsidy of Rp 1.000, – per liter. Unless Kerosene Kerosene or that the current price is still 2,500. Still there are still about Rp. 2,500 to Rp.3.000, – per liter for kerosene.

“The most an issue is related to the PSO. Needs PSO fuel each region is different, and the point of supply is also different backgrounds,” he said.


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