The presence Pertalite to Increase Reliability of Pertamina in the Provision of National Fuel

ibraaaJakarta – Today, PT Pertamina (Persero) is planning to launch a type of fuel oil (BBM) has named Pertalite. However, the fuel that is planned to be launched in May this experience delays because it is still waiting for test results to the finished fuel.

“Since the rise in world oil prices since 1973 to reach a peak of 128.40 in 2008, almost all countries dither, and crowded at peak times of energy conservation and diversification, seriously, consistent and sustainable,” concluded Ibrahim

According to him, each importing petroleum consumer countries have their respective ways mensikapi fluctuations in world oil prices.

Ibrahim said that the plan to launch Pertalite as the foresight of the Company to respond to the situation and fall of world oil prices. “Regardless of what business considerations Pertamina offers Pertalite, I rate this move actually is also a foresight advantage of opportunities to lower oil prices,” he explained.

“With Pertalite that has Research Octane Number (RON) is higher than the Premium and the price is cheaper than Pertamax is, in fact, Pertamina has joined the national fuel supply increases reliability, while supporting clean air policy,” Ibrahim said, Wednesday (6/5/2015 ) in Jakarta.

Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Ibrahim Hasyim said the government must quickly and accurately support, before the momentum of the decline in world oil prices can be passed without any benefit. Remember the high world oil prices, the price disparity will be large and it is sensitive for consumers.


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