TPPI Operates Refineries, Fuel Imports Reduced 30%

453441_620Jakarta – The operation of the Trans Pacific Petroleum Refinery INDOTAMA (TPPI) by Pertamina merupakaan stages and important achievement for the oil and gas industry restructuring and increased efisienssi and national energy security.

“Later when TPPI Refineries operated at full capacity can reduce fuel imports by 30 percent,” said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources disclosed Sudirman Said in a statement on Wednesday (11/11/2015).

According to Sudirman, Trans Pacific Petroleum Refinery INDOTAMA (TPPI) built in 1995 is one of the best refineries in Indonesia, both in terms of technology and efficiency levels.

TPPI operation in addition to absorbing the condensate produced by the oil fields in Indonesia, also reduce dependence on imported crude oil because there are additional crude oil processed in the country.

Added Sudirman, the government’s decision to take over in the corporate TPPI is a permanent solution after 15 years of uncertainty. Various problems had been hit TPPI ranging from obscurity ownership structure, financial situation, security of supply of raw materials and marketing of processed products. As a result of these uncertainties, the refinery during the past two years to stop operating.

“The government’s decision to make a takeover and operation by Pertamina is part of strengthening the governance of oil and gas as a whole, which include the liquidation and audit Petral, encourage K3S process crude oil share in the country, and build storage facilities and refineries processing,” he concluded.


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