Until End of Year Consumption Solar Diprognosis Only 16 Million KL

cadangan3Batam – Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas)Andy Noorsaman Sommeng say until the end of Solar oil consumption reached only 16 million KL.

“Now the average consumption per month Solar only 1.1 to 1.2 million kl. Until the end of the year if we prognosis may only reach about 16 million KL. In fact, the government and the House of Representatives has set at 17.05 million KL,” said head BPH Migas Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, Wednesday (10/09/2015) in the meeting of the coordination of national fuel reserves.

According to Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, when the disparity subsidized and non-subsidized large enough consumption is enormous. Nasinal average was 80 million kilo liters. At the moment there is a policy change in the price at which diesel fuel is subsidized only Rp. 1,000 per liter, Premium mengikti the consumption of national economic price decline is no longer a 80 million KL.

Added Andy, indeed at times into consideration the government is going to implement programs such as sea toll, then agriculture tooling machines will come so that membuthkan solar, and also development-pebangunan infrastructure also need the diesel fuel. So at that time the government and parliament 17:05 menetepankan million KL.

“Until now, relative consumption is still below average. If in previous years dispritas prices are still high end of August it reaches consumption is not 80% anymore but nearly 90%. Now as of August 31 to 54%. It is still under,” he said.


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