After The Price Increase, Sales of Non-Subsidized Fuel at The Pump Has Increased

susantoSurabaya – The government formally raise the price of fuel oil (BBM) on 17 November 2014 ago. Premium Gasoline price Rp. 6,500 to Rp. 8,500 per liter. While the diesel oil from Rp. 5,500 to Rp. 7,500 per liter.

“I always use PERTAMAX Plus. If PERTAMAX plus tarikanya lighter”, said Susan. Described Susanto, he never fill another vehicle type CRV with premium gasoline but tarikanya rather heavy, and eventually moved again to PERTAMAX.
When the campaign is seen a lot of use of vehicles that fill their vehicles with Oil Fuel. One of them is Susan. He always fills vehicle types Alpard with Oil Fuel type PERTAMAX Plus.

Disclosed Darmawan, sales Oil Fuel type PERTAMAX crowded during the morning and afternoon. “In the morning around 07.00 am to 09.00 pm was crowded-crowded PERTAMAX purchase. While the afternoon at about 04.00 to 18.00”, he explained.

“After the rise in fuel prices subsidized by the government some time ago has prompted Oil Fuel sales, especially PERTAMAX rose 100 percent. On November 18, after rising prices, sales PERTAMAX around 6 tons. Whereas previously only about 3 tons”, said superintendent 51 601 retail outlets. 65, Darmawan, Friday (11/21/2014).

Subsidized fuel price hike has pushed Oil Fuel boost sales rise. One is the sale of Oil Fuel at the pump 51.601.65, highway Jemursari, Surabaya. Non subsidies fuel sales increased significantly.


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