Arun-Belawan LNG Receiving Terminal and Benefits

lngJakarta – Construction of gas pipeline construction Arun – Belawan PTPertamina Gas undertaken will be completed in October 2014 shortly That means it will soon be operational infrastructure. So what are the benefits to the operation of the LNG receiving terminal is?

Head of BP Migas Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommengrevealed previously Arun LNG plant and LNG is now converted into an LNGreceiving terminal is very good at all. “By being a receiving terminal is goodonce, but many people do not take advantage of this cool technology,” said Andy in his office on Monday(09/28/2014).

Though Andy continued, before the gas becomes LNG gas piped then utilized by the industry as fuel, the cold LNGshould be used because it can creates a multiplier effect on the industry in the region.

According to him, the LNG of a temperature of minus 160 ° C to reach 0 ° C which can be exploited through a gaspipe, a lot of stages that can be used, such as the industrial manufacture of nitrogen, gas, or other industries that utilize cool technology. After that, said Andy, gas feedstocks can be used as fertilizer, industrial, transportation fuels, and household or fuel to drive the power plant.

“So a lot of benefit from the establishment of Arun LNG receiving terminal in this,” he said.

Andy added, some countries already dimanfatkan to transport LNG from its LNG directly to minus 160 ° C is.Moreover, there is now the technology to dispencernya.

LNG receiving terminal can also be used as a place to accommodate when there is supply from Tangguh, Badak,Bontang. “So far, LNG is exported only because at that time yet the available infrastructure. The constructionreceiving terminal will certainly be able to contribute to the fulfillment of the gas supply in the future. As a cleanenergy utilization of natural gas in the country should be improved, “he explained.

Furthermore Andy outlines, that the LNG receiving terminal in arun good not only for Indonesia, but also localgovernments with LNG because it is no multiplier effect that can be created. “LNG is part of the natural gas usedby cooling so that the volume is 600 times smaller than the volume in the form of gas and cooling it throughtechnology,” he explained.

She said that unfortunately cooling of minus 160 ° C with a volume 600 times smaller then immediately weregasification granted. “In Japan, it is used dinginya of minus 160 ° C to minus 140 ° C was used to destroy wastesuch as tires, scrap metal with dinginya LNG. Until gilirianya reaching minus 10 ° C – 0 ° C cold storage sodimafaatkan as cold storage industries such as fisheries and exerting cuts of meat. Only then exit gases. Afterbecoming the gas then flows through the compressor to the pipe, “he concluded.


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