BPH Migas and Cooperation Agreement Signed Kaltara Government Oversight

tarakanTarakan – The government and the House of Representatives has set quotasof fuel oil (BBM) in 2014 as Revised in 2013, amounting to 48 million kiloliters(KL). Amid the increasing number of vehicles and the standard of living of the community is increasing from year to year would require no small amount of fuel consumption. Without any effort of course extremely difficult to guard thefuel subsidy not exceeding quota.

One effort to anticipate this Wednesday (7/05/2014) Head of Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng and Acting Governor of North Borneo Irianto Lambrie, signed an Agreement of Cooperation (MCC) of the control and monitoring the distribution of subsidized fuel.

Through this cooperation, Andy hopes optimization of distribution supervision Fuel Type Specific to District / City in the province of North Borneo to run well, smoothly, safely and under control.

“Through this collaboration I hope to minimize and even remove the misuse of fuel, which in turn can control the fuel subsidy and the State ‘s financial rescue. Come together to supervise the capacity and authority of each to prevent possible misuse of subsidized fuel”, he said.

Although the Government has raised the price of subsidized fuel does not mean the disparity between the fuel subsidy fuel subsidy Non nothing. Disparities still exist and are still quite high. So it is still an opportunity for certain elements to conduct acts of abuse Fuel Type Specific for resale to the industry at a price that is more expensive”, said Andy.

Meanwhile, officials of the Governor of North Borneo Irianto Lambrie welcomes over execution of the Cooperation Agreement signatories of this oversight. He hoped the signing of this agreement not only on paper but but could be implemented in the field.

“We accept this cooperation. We will also follow up with our respective authorities”, he said.


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