BPH Migas and the House of Representatives Commission DPR RI VII goes Kunker to Surabaya

mihar1JAKARTA. Members of the Governing Body Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas), Sumihar Panjaitan accompany Specific Working Visit theHouse of Representatives Commission DPR RI VII goes to  Surabaya on Sunday (20/7).

Specific Purpose of the visit, the House of Representatives led by ZainudinAmali, is in order to want to know the extent of readiness in the face of Hari Raya Pertamina Idhul Fitr 1435H will need energy, especially oil, gas andelectricity.

Although, overall, it is not something new because it has become a routine every year and will increase fuel usageduring certain moments in particular widths. “However, the ultimate benefit of society’s energy needs must bemet,” said Zainudin Amali.

Exposure to GM Pertamina MOR V, Giri Santoso in Meeting Room Office Fuel Terminal Tanjung Perak, it had anticipated readiness Eid 1435H ranging from H-10 to H + 10. “In fact, we are already anticipating the pockets offuel on the route are considered vulnerable” said Giri Santoso.

The same place Sumihar Panjaitan revealed by a decrease in fuel quota in 2014 which was originally 48 million to 46 million KL KL, it is necessary for a redistribution of quotas Kabupatan each region / city. BPH Migas committeehas done a Committee hearing on Friday, July 18, 2014 to set the quota approved by the President.

For Pertamina, the premium has decreased from 32.46 million 29.43 million kl KL into a decline of 9.33%. Diesel oilhas increased from 14.64 million kl be 15.67 million kl, up 7.29%. While kerosene did not change in the amount of0.9 million KL (excluding PT AKR companion and PT Surya Parna Niaga).

As an illustration, the realization of subsidized fuel consumption in East Java Province from January to June 2014, a premium of 2,010,139 liters of quota of 3,934,866 liters. While the Solar Oil has reached 1,033,712 liters of quota of 1,963,056 liters.


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