BPH Migas Campaign Non Fuel Subsidy In KM 19 gas stations Bekasi

DSC_6745BEKASI. After some time the use of Non-SRFO campaigns carried out in several gas stations in Surabaya , Gresik and Sidoarjo , Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) on Wednesday ( 15/08/2012 ) returned to the campaign . This time held at the pump KM 19 Bekasi.

Non Fuel Subsidy campaign was carried out in line with the Government’s policy relating to the control of the fuel subsidy for the Office of Government vehicles , military, police , state enterprises, and enterprises that have been implemented since June 1 for the Greater Jakarta area . The next policy applied to the Java – Bali region in early August . Then for plantation and mining vehicles which will be held on 1 September 2012.

From the observation in locations where gas stations do campaign , seen some vehicles that directly fill their vehicles with fuel subsidies Non pertamax types . A pengedara , Jainul , say , using gasoline PERTAMAX , besides towing it turns lighter fuel is also more economical.

”Using Pertamak more efficient , lighter pull . The high price is not so important issue lightly and pull more economical engine well maintained , ” he said . Same place , Latif , who also uses gasoline PERTAMAX say pull the car feels lighter and smoother . ” With a higher octane towing my car so much lighter and smoother , ” he said.



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