BPH Migas Committee Working Visit to Aceh

kunker-acehACEH. Members of the Governing Body Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) Dr. Ibrahim Hashim on a working visit to the province . The working visit in order to assist the Commission VII of the House of Representatives Commission VII led Chairman of Sutan Bhatoegana, Monday (16/07/2012).

Explained Team Leader received by the Vice Governor of Aceh , Muzakkir Manaf , that the purpose of a working visit was conducted to get an overview or view information about local government of Aceh on the management of oil and gas , and oil to gas conversions, as well as the involvement of the management of oil and gas enterprises.

“Then wanted to know the progress of the development planning power stations in Aceh and want to know the environmental conditions of the existence of oil and gas and mining companies,” said Sutan.

In addition to the Governor’s Office, the delegation also held a meeting with PT Pertamina ( Persero ) local. This was done to find out the subsidized fuel quota in Aceh.” What we want to hear from Pertamina fuel is whether there is enough or not,” he added.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Ibrahim explained the distribution of fuel is always the most widely discussed topic. According to him , since the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 15 of 2012, the allocation for fuel subsidy users are more detailed than the Presidential Decree No. 55.” So it’s more detailed. Regions ‘ gray ‘ getting less,” he said.

According to Ibrahim, the regulation 15 there is also a delegation of authority for the regulation and supervision, given to the Minister, given to BPH Migas then given to local government.

The next day, the group went on a working visit to the PT Arun NGL attended from KLH , BP Migas , and Distamben Region . Sutan said that only one Arun LNG plant to be made ​​into a national buffer stock for LPG and LNG . “If there’s already become a national buffer stock of auto gas for fertilizer Iskandar Muda ( PIM ) can be distributed , it is even possible to to Asean,” he said.

Responding to the desire of the Commission VII who want to make arun as a buffer stock, Oil and Gas Downstream Business Development Director , explains Umi to make Arun as a buffer stock not impossible. According to Arun facility is complete , of LPG , LNG tank even up to the carriage. However, further study is needed special Umi proves that here ( Arun ) allows to be made a national buffer stock for Aceh.

While Ibrahim explained, associated with gas there are some things that have to do with BPH Migas. One is the toll fee and gas to households. Most crucially, further Ibrahim is with respect to specific rights. When Arun given Privileges, then when constructing the pipeline must be tendered because it is the basis for the determination of toll fee.


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