BPH Migas Committee Working Visit To Plumpang Jakarta

Kunjungan-Kerja-Komite-BPH-Migas-Ke-Plumpang-JakartaA number of Committee members Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas), namely, Ibrahim Hashim, M. Fanshurullah, Fahmi Harsandono, Karseno, Martin Samodra Ritonga, Saryono Hadiwidjoyo and Sumihar Panjaitan, Thursday (19/01/2012) on a working visit to Plumpang, Pertamina, Jakarta. The delegation, to the location around 10:00 pm was received by the Marketing and Commercial Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Djaelani Sutomo its board.

Presented BPH Migas Committee member, Ibrahim Hashim, a working visit to Plumpang, other than in the context of self-introduction as a new committee member tenure of 2011-2015, also wanted to know more about the activities of distribution and distribution of fuel carried by Pertamina.

According to him, the visit to Pertamina has been planned from the beginning and was originally all BPH Migas Committee may be present in this visit. “This plan was we planned from the beginning,” he said.

As a new term of office 2011-2015 Committee, said Ibrahim certainly many expectations demanded by the Government. Therefore, his staff visited Plumpang with the aim to get an idea of ​​what kind of operations performed by Pertamina in implementing the supply and distribution of fuel.

“This is our main goal. Hopefully our duty to serve the public is getting better in the future,” said Ibrahim


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