BPH Migas Concentration Availability of fuel

AN_Sommeng_Ketersediaan_BBMJAKARTA . The development of infrastructure such as refineries in order to maintain energy security is important to do . Moreover, the existing infrastructure has aged nearly 30 years old.

“To establish energy security we must wake up infrastructure such as refineries . We have elders all had 30 years and it has to be recapitalized again , ” said Head of Downstream Regulatory Agency , Dr . Ir . Andy Noorsaman Sommeng , DEA , in his office , Tuesday ( 24/04/2012 ) .

Andy added , the construction of the new refinery will not only reduce our dependence on the outside but also can absorb a lot of labor created .

Pertamina is only a matter of resistance 21 days assessed Andy would be very dangerous . Therefore should the Government, the private company must also have a storage – storage so that energy security can be up to 6 months .

“It’s important . BPH Migas concern was availability . With the availability of course people get affordable energy prices (affordable ) , ” he said .

Exemplified Andy , in Eastern Indonesia , its people never take into account the price . For them what matters is the availability of fuel . ” They are familiar with the price of Rp . 20.000 . Importantly goods ( fuel ) was there , “said Andy .

To maintain energy security , especially in eastern Indonesia , of course, required the participation of the local government . The central government will have trouble doing so the availability of the stock fuel supply is met if the Government does not build facilities such as ports to enter the oil . If no port would definitely difficult .

“The local government or district should provide it . If they can also provide storage facilities such thing , ” he said .

In addition , to increase the availability of fuel in eastern Indonesia , BPH Migas asked PT Pertamina to operate refinery back Kasim , because if refinery operations were again able to increase the availability of fuel in the region .

“I ask that you please Pertamina refinery that Kasim was operated again . Of BP Migas report that there is no oil to feed in the refinery Kasim of 9000 barrels per day . While the refining capacity of 10,000 barrels . We would be happy if it operates as availability will increase , ” he added.


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