BPH Migas Head Bearing Formation Based on Information Technology Design Rules

baliku1Bali – Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng support BPH Migas Drafting Regulation on the Establishment of Legal Products BPH Migas and Guidance Technical Drafting Legislation on Environmental BPH Migas based on information technology.

Disclosed Head of BPH Migas Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, BPH Migas who worked on three interests (governments, business entities, and the public) in conducting surveillance need to establish a legal product BPH Migas, either Decision (beschikking) and regulation (Regeling) so that the interests of the parties are protected.

“The interests of the parties will be protected if the BPH Migas in shaping laws BPH Migas follow the regulations stipulated in Law No. 12 of 2011 concerning the formation of Laws and Regulations, promulgated on August 12, 2011,” said Head of BPH Migas, Friday ( 16.10.2015).

He welcomes and supports what is done by the secretariat of BPH Migas in order to improve layananan drafting legislation through the regulation of BPH Migas on the establishment of a legal product BPH Migas coupled with the preparation of operational standards (SOP), the establishment of a legal product BPH Migas and the use of technology information in the preparation of legal products or BPH Migas (SIM Legal Drafting / SIMALED).

“It’s nice. I think we are starting to get used to the technology. The existence of the project these changes are expected to the preparation of legal products BPH Migas can run effectively and efficiently as well as most major producing quality law and have the power to the stakeholders,” he concluded.

Previously Head of Legal and Public Relations as the Chairman of the Committee said that the future preparation of legal products BPH Migas can be done in an integrated, systematic and computerized so monitored and controlled the extent of the preparation of a legal product BPH Migas both in time and costs, and later every stage of the preparation of the product BPH Migas law digitally documented automatically from planning, discussion, enactment penetapanatau to dissemination.



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